Trusting Your Intuition: Katherine’s Experience with Interactive Tarot

December 2, 2011

This morning, Katherine relates her experience taking our own Tory Jeen Valach’s Interactive Tarot Workshop.

The sala was abuzz with excitement this past Saturday as Tory Jeen Valach led her third Interactive Tarot Workshop in the series of seven.

“Tarot is a beautiful, loving guide and healing tool which can assist each of us in tapping into our own inner wisdom and intuition.  We are each born with these inner abilities and using the Tarot is nothing to be afraid of, rather a gentle way to share your feelings and insight with others” she says. As we embarked on our journey to discuss and discover the 10 Minor Arcana Wand cards, I was eager to get started with my first Tarot experience.

I must admit, my previous knowledge of this practice was highly lacking and what I thought I knew came directly from movies and television. This was my opportunity to put those assumptions aside and have a fresh, new experience with an amazing teacher and other Tarot enthusiasts and students.

Tory began by passing out packets that she prepared for each of us, containing a color copy of each card we were to discuss, as well as the traditional meanings. Starting with the Ace of Wands, we took a minute or two to process and observe the card, taking note of what feelings were brought to light during our observation. After, we discussed our interpretations, bouncing thoughts off of each other, expanding on ideas and considering the card from many different, yet connected, viewpoints. We did the same for the remaining nine cards, each discussion becoming more passionate as we students began to feel more comfortable with each other and in trusting our intuition.

Following the analysis of the cards, we split into pairs and performed readings on each other. Tory made her way around the sala, jumping in and reading for each one of us. That was such an amazing bonus! It was very clear at this point how much we had learned; here we were, reading for others without notes or pamphlets. We simply felt the cards and spoke from the heart.

My first Tarot experience was enlightening, informative and transformational. This is a healing modality that I am eager to pursue and will definitely be attending Tory’s workshops in the future and am looking extremely forward to a private reading. Although the cards spoke to me in many different ways, they never failed to speak and that, to me, is the largest testament of their power and capacity.



One Response to “Trusting Your Intuition: Katherine’s Experience with Interactive Tarot”

  1. Jennie Says:

    I have had 2 private readings with Tory and I have to say that they were both transformational. Not at all ‘airy-fairy’ as one might assume, but grounding, clarifying and motivational. Sitting with Tory’s wisdom and compassion is in itself quite healing.

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