Closing Email

March 30, 2012

Dearest RakSa Community,

As I sit to find the right words to share with you during this challenging and powerful time, it seems they are nowhere to be found. But I am going to try. Just over a week ago, I had to come to a very difficult decision of closing RakSa’s doors at the end of March. As we put every plan to continue to build an even more successful, enriched, and prosperous RakSa to offer our community, I received sudden financial news that put a pause to it all. It was an overnight shift that changed everything for me and our community.

I am so sorry to be sharing this news with you all. While I feel a deep sadness and loss, I am also filled with an endless amount of gratitude and love for our community. I am truly thankful for each of you for sharing this dream with us in the last two years, supporting me and RakSa, and being a part of this exceptional community.

We hope that RakSa has brought something special to each of you, as you have done for our community. We want to honor you and celebrate our journey together in the time that remains. We will continue to do our very best to hold this sacred space and offer all of RakSa in this last month. Now is the time that we need your support more than ever, as we can not gracefully close our doors without you. We may have began as individuals but we would love to end as a community.

So please join us! Bring all your friends and families to share this amazing month at RakSa. Come in for a class and have a nourishing organic juice after your healing session. Let’s celebrate and come together!

It is difficult to say good-bye, especially to a community that I’ve held so dear in my heart. However, I truly look forward to our next venture and new beginnings together. Over the last few years I have devoted myself to serve and offer the greatest resources of healing to our community, and in turn I have received the healing I didn’t even know I needed. There are no words to truly capture my appreciation and gratitude for all the support you have shared with me and our community. This is beyond ending…

With gratitude, love and light,

Apinya & All of Us at RakSa